Anecdotal press observations

  • squalor, waste disposal, water quality, people sleeping on street pavements barely rate articles in Times of India, Economic Times, The Telegraph over past 3 weeks
  • sizable newsprint allocated to political party developments, party figures, upcoming elections in Bihar
  • Media stars and starlet popularity are rated in some media based on measures such as film billings, article count in press, endorsement count
  • Some mention on infrastructure development projects in various cities – high speed rail chiefly.
  • mixed property news – some suggestion of developers being over geared and having to slash prices by a third in some cases (from 2014 levels)
  • some discussion on border issues Nepal/China/ Pakistan
  • Festivals taking place – Ganeshpati (Mumbai and Maharastra); Mela at Nasik; Eid; Durga (Kolkata from oct 18)
  • Cricket