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Visit to Karla, Bhaja, and, Bedsa rock cut caves

Visit involved train from Mumbai to Lonavala. Then local transport to cave sites. From personal perspective most impressive was the main cave at Bedsa.

Karla wiki and images

Bhaja wiki and Architectural Survey of India link and images

Bedsa wiki and images


The art of ancient India

Susan L. Huntingdon text, published by Weatherhill 2006

Part 1 – Fdns of Indic civilization: prehistoric and proto historic (ch 1-3)

Part 2 – Period of early dynasties (ch 4-9)

Part 3 – dynasties of the middle period (ch 10-16)

Part 4 – Later northern schools (ch 17-20)

Part 5 – Later schools of the Deccan and the south (ch 21-25)

  1. Antecedants
  2. Indus or Harappa civilization (2300-1750 BCE)
  3. Vedic and Upanisadic (1500-450 BCE)
  4. Maruya period (323-185 BCE)
  5. Sunga (2-1st century BCE)
  6. Regional developments (late 1st century BCE to 1st century CE)
  7. Saka and Parthian kingdoms in Indic sphere (1st century BCE to mid 1st century CE)
  8. Northwest and northern region under Kusanas (late 1st century CE to 3rd century CE)
  9. Regional developments in Deccan (2nd and 3rd centuries)
  10. Gupta (4-6th century CE)
  11. Gupta aftermath
  12. Buddhist cave arch (5-7th century CE)
  13. Hindu rock cut architecture of Deccan (Kalacuri and Early Western Calukya period)
  14. Southern developments under Palavas and Pandyas
  15. Early western Calukya and related Deccan schools
  16. Hindu rock cut arch of Western Deccan
  17. Kasmir and related schools
  18. Bihar and Bengal under Pala and Sena kings
  19. Orissa and related regions
  20. North central and Northwestern India: art of Rajput clans
  21. Cola and related schools of Tamil south
  22. Later Deccan schools
  23. Vijaynagar period (1336-1565 CE)
  24. Nayak period
  25. Keral region

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