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Aurangabad to Mumbai train

  • Date of travel: 2015-09-16
  • Train Number: 17058
  • Train Name:  Devagiri Express
  • Time travelled: 23:25-07:10
  • Distance travelled:   374 kms
  • Number of stops: 13
  • Class travelled: 1AC
  • Seat and sleeper Allocated: Yes
  • Fare: approx. Rp1500
  • Experience: – On time departure and arrival.
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Devagiri Express train
Devagiri Express train

Personal stats:

  • Rail journey count: 9
  • Rail kms travelled cumulative: 4319 kms
  • Cumulative rail hours: 72 hours

Mumbai CST to Aurangabad train

  • Date of travel: 2015-09-14
  • Train Number: 17617
  • Train Name: Tapovan Express
  • Time travelled: 06:15-13:15
  • Distance travelled:   374 kms
  • Number of stops: 13
  • Class travelled: CC (AC chair class)
  • Seat and sleeper Allocated: No
  • Fare: approx. Rp575
  • Experience: – On time departure, Late arrival (+4 hours).
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Tapovan Express between Mumbai CST and Aurangabad
Tapovan Express between Mumbai CST and Aurangabad

Personal stats:

  • Rail journey count: 8
  • Rail kms travelled cumulative: 3945 kms
  • Cumulative rail hours: 64 hours 10 mins

Train travel

  • Source: and (accessed 2015-09-03)
  • Cabin layouts by class – see Steven_ber article on indiamike (download)
  • Cleartrip ticket requirements – take ID and copy of eticket ; max 10 trips per month;
  • Foreign tourist quota (FT) has to be obtained at station. Otherwise IRCTC and Cleatrip book from general (GN) and tatkal quota (CK).
  • Classes include: AC1 or 1A; AC2 or 2A; AC3 or 3A; FC (get bedding); EC (on line does not distinguish between AC executive Chair and AC1 sleeper); CC (AC chair class and good for day travel); SL (sleeper class – no bedding; good views; no ac; basic; dusty); 2S (reserved second class) or II (unreserved) – wood / plastic seats / open plan.
  • AC1 reservations do not show specific car/berth as specific lists made up a few hours before travel and posted to coach (source: Seat61). Otherwise train, coach, berth number printed on ticket.
  • Car numbering on trains: AC1:  car H1, H2, and so on, where 1, 2 is the number of coaches of that class on the train. AC2: car  A1, A2, and so on. AC3:  car B1, B2, and so on. AC chair car:  car C1, C2, and so on. Sleeper class:  Cars S1, S2, and so on.
  • Rajdhani (Delhi-Mumbai/Kolkata) and Shatabdi Express (Delhi-Jaipur/Agra) food included in price.
  • Check train time schedule at: or
  • Recommended: Darjeeling and Simla
  • Ticket bookings for tourists can be made at International Tourist bureaus (list).